National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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Results of the 8th International Library Conference “Central Asia-2014”
On April 23-25, 2014 in Karshi was held the VIII International conference “Internet and library information resources in science, education, culture and business - Central Asia-2014”. 
In the Conference took part  representatives of Communication, Information and Telecommunication Technologies State Committee, Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi,  Ministry on Affairs of culture and sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Higher and Secondary education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and participants from other organizations, as well as representatives of foreign countries such as the USA, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan.

At the Plenary session were presented reports : "Library is a gateway to knowledge" by Krista Pikkat, Representative of UNESCO’s office in Uzbekistan, "Building, maintaining and providing access to a specialized collection of legal information poses specific challenges" by David Mao, Director of the Law library of Congress USA, "Presidential Library electronic resources as an object of query search engines" by ) Andrey Zaitsev, head of Web-site support department of the Presidential library named after B.N.Yeltsin (Russia):, "Library Associations in Germany: its  history and present situation" by Frank Redies, Chief of Germany Library Association, "National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in assistance to researchers of Kazakhstan” by  Bagdat Shaimerdenova,  Head of dissertation division of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Resources and technologies SPSTL: current state and prospects of development" by Boris Elepov,  doctor of technical sciences, professor, Director of the State Public Science and Technology  Library of Siberian Branch of  Russian Academy of Sciences, "Project activities of the National Library of Uzbekistan" by Ishmatov Alisher, Deputy Director of the National Library of Uzbekistan, "Last 20 years in focus on the impact of the Internet" by Valorie Lee, Information Resources Officer of the Department of State (USA), "Public relations work for small libraries with low budgets" by Vesna Steyer, Director of Berlin Police Library, "Exlibris: production for libraries" by Sergey Dotsenko,  Sales manager of "Exlibris” company, "MyBib eL: Legally sounds presentation of copyrighted material in digital collections" by Michael Lutgen,  Sales Manager of “Zeutschel” company.
The second day of the conference work was continued in the section sessions. Participants took part in the following sections:
- Legislative and regulatory framework of information and library activities" – 1st -section;
-"Role and importance of information and library activities in the development of science and technology, public access to dissertations, etc." – 2nd-section;
- "Information and library resources in education. Task of information and resources centers"- 3rd section;.
-"Single information space in the sphere of culture and art. Interaction of information and library organization with publishers, archives and museums" - 4-th section.
A round table on the theme "New directions for Republican information and library institutions to attract children and young people to read” and also a seminar-training "The issues of preservation, conservation and restoration of rare books and manuscripts" were held within the conference.
On April 25, was organized special cultural program for the participants and foreign guests of the conference. Within this program they visited Kitab and Shakhrisabz, in particular, Information Resource Centers of school № 4 and Academic lyceum of Computer Technologies in  Kitab. The participants reviewed the ongoing work in the area of information and library sphere. Foreign guests and participants of the conference also visited the historical and cultural places in Shakhrisabz.
Doubtless, that conference played an important role, particularly, in the development of science, education and culture timely information. The implementation of new technologies plays a significant part in improvement process of libraries’ activities. Participants exchanged their views about the importance and role of information libraries in the fields of science, education, culture and business, as well as on development of information and library science in Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Ukraine and Germany.


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