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85th anniversary of Ozod Sharafiddinov in the National Library
Ozod Sharafiddinov (1929 - 2005) - one of the most talented representatives of the Uzbek intelligentsia: an outstanding scientist, professor, teacher, writer, translator, editor of the magazine “Jahon adabiyoti”. Hero of Uzbekistan, literary critic Ozod Sharafiddinov has earned the sincere love of our people for his multifaceted activities, sharp journalistic articles, literary translations and personal courage and resilience. Thanks to his efforts, the Uzbek people acquainted with the best works of world literature. Ozoda of Sharafiddinov works “Reflections on the pass”, “On the path of spiritual perfection”, “Fighters for independence”, “President”, “The joy of creation” serve as a model of a modern national literature thinking.
In accordance with decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ozod Sharafiddinov was awarded the title Hero of Uzbekistan and the orders «Buyuk of hizmatlari uchun», «Mehnat shuhrati».

March 28, was held a literary evening devoted to the 85th anniversary of Ozoda of Sharafiddinov in the National Library. It was the evening of live songs of National artist of Uzbekistan Erkin Ruzimatov, verses devoted to the literary critic and were shown footage from the documentary film about the scientist's  life and activity. 

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