National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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The results of the 7th International Conference “Central Asia-2013”
The session on the results of the conference, at which the moderators expressed their results and announced a good and relevant reports were on April 25. The results of the Conference noted along with a significant increase in the role of information-library institutions and archives in the development science, education, culture and economic challenges in the creation of electronic resources, the information-library networks and cooperation of institutions for joint use of the foreign information resources. In particular, participants showed a great interest into the reports given by the director of Iranian national library Es’hagh Salahi; the head of office a.i. UNESCO, representative in Uzbekistan Krista Pikkat; Меlеk khanum Gajiyeva from National library of Azerbaijan and Galina Raykova from Russian State library.
The issues of effective use of ICT in information library institutions, archives and museums were in the center of attention of the participants of the conference. The lectures were very interesting and the students actively participated in the discussion of reports. The issues were discussed in sections : creation of electronic libraries with the formation of high-quality collections of electronic resources, formation of electronic directories with the consideration of the relevant issues in their formation, the study of the peculiarities and specifics of the generated in the different countries of the full-text databases, the educational role of the library-information in service of youth and population, the use of modern software at IDC and ILC, open access to the dissertation collections of the National Library, the place and role of authority files in the electronic catalogue, the problem of improving the skills of library specialists on information technologies. The best reports in the opinion of the audience, were recognized as «Kazakhstan National Electronic Library: current status, problems and prospects» Aygul Kasybaeva, the head of electronic resources management division of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan; «Aurora Database: a research tool for scholars and information professionals» researcher of University of Illinois, USA Joseph James Lenkart; «Islamic studies: library-information service» bibliographer Akram Khabibullaev from the University of Indiana; «Model Regulations for information-library  and information-resource centres» Director of Fundamental Library of the Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan Zukhra Berdieva; «The organization of open access to the dissertations collection of the National Library in the digital environment» specialist of reading rooms Nigora Rasulova. 
A number of ideas about cooperation with the Central State archive of cinema and photo to use them to help in the digitization and the improvement of the quality of electronic copies of different albums in the collections of the National library were discussed in the report and dedicated to the storage of digital copies of cinema and photo.
Director of the Iran National Library and the Director of the archive Es’hagh Salahi, Galina Raikova from the State library of Russia, a librarian of the University of Indiana of the USA Akram Khabibullaev thanked the organizers at the end of the conference for all the amenities and sightseeing tours in the State Museum of Temurids and the IRC at the Turin Polytechnic University and especially for the concert of the State chamber orchestra of national instruments «Sogdiana» and for the performance of the theatre «Ilkhom» with subtitles in English and noted that it had received a great deal of pleasure.


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