National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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The event of the birthday of the great commander Amir Temur "Amir Temur - great statesman" was held in the National Library.
Amir Temur as a politician and a great statesman, who was able to establish separate feudal principalities large centralized, powerful state . Management style, customs which he followed and disciplined exemplary, his experience in many areas of activity are currently very important for Uzbekistan. First of all, we should note that he thoroughly studied and used the positive experience of state building.
The spiritual and educational event "Amir Temur - a great statesman" was held in the National Library .Its organized by the National Library and the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, attended the military, scientists and intellectuals, students of medical college name Borowski.
During the years of independence оf  Uzbekistan  under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to a new level questions studying the life and work of Amir Temur, his principles of governance. Rich heritage of our ancestors, which is the embodiment of courage, bravery and wisdom, becomes important in the realization of national identity, education for the versatile young generation. These issues are given special attention at the event on 677th anniversary of Amir Temur.
The event was opened by the Deputy Director of the National Library of Alisher Ishmatov. Speakers at the event: Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan, the writer - Tulkin Hayit, poet - Shukur Kurban and others noted that under the leadership of our President is extensive work to restore the historical truth about Amir Temur, the study of the great ancestor of huge merit in establishing the foundations of the Uzbek state. Great interest of the event was on the legislative, political and military leader of the Amir Temur, who carried on his great creative work. At the end of the event there was a quiz and the winners of the quiz, as well as all the participants were given prides from the National Library


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