National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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New films in the cinema of the National library

Cinema center of the National library contains the repertoire of spiritually-educational and scientific-popular video materials, which demonstrate the basic ways of preservation of national traditions, historically, spiritual and cultural heritage, and also education of the spiritually perfect youth.In the events of the video, the images of the positive and negative characters, masterfully conveyed to the viewer those negative factors, which threaten human life and contribute to the emergence of bad consequence.

To repertoire of the cinema center were  included videos of  three main directions: «Our heritage», «Our great leaders,» «Our achievements». In each section documentary films are shown which produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, telling about historical personalities left a trace in our history, who made invaluable contributions to the development of world science and civilization, about the cultural, historical, ethnographical, architectural monuments, as well as the results and achievements of the modern and independent Uzbekistan, demonstrating the success of the reforms in the sociol-political sphere.

The learning requests and offers of many readers are organized into two new sections, which show the global problems of humanity, such as drug addiction, sales people, the movement under the guise of religion and high treason. As well as enrich the spiritual and moral Outlook of the youth. These include the video in two directions:«Vigilance» and «Art films». In these sections  documentary and feature films are shown, which produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, telling about the abovementioned issues among young people, their causes and about the people who suffer from these problems.

Acquired films, the components of the Golden collection of the Uzbek cinema for thematic illustrations as a video attachment to the ongoing activities - meetings, devoted to one or the other classics of Uzbek literature, poetry and art.Films are shown in the Uzbek, Russian and English languages every day, except weekends from 11:00 to 16:00. Cinema center is located on the 1st floor of the library on the right side and has 45 seats.

The main purpose is demonstration of thematic films,  educational and informative orientation. All films are shown for free. You can see all details on the repertoire of the cinema from the weekly posters.



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