National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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The National Library of Uzbekistan introduced a service for renting a netbook and wireless access to internal resources

The National Library of Uzbekistan created a wide range of services to ensure access to information and library resources in the widespread use of information and communication technologies.
Library, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of users to simplify and create favorable conditions for access to existing information resources implemented hourly rental service netbooks and wireless access to the internal resources of the library. Users can also use netbooks for work in office programs installed and have access to the Internet through Network WiFi. Use of the netbooks on the basis of the contract. Service is paid, the cost per hour of work - 1000 sum, minimum rental time - 3 hours. For contract needs identification document (passport) of the user.
Users can:
- Access to information resources by libraries installed computer programs;
- To connect and have access to the Internet via WiFi connection;
- To create and work with documents in the office programs;
- Use licensed computer programs and view resources that are not prohibited by law.

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