National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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The National Library continues work on the completion of electronic database of information resources and assignment of ISBN and ISSN numbers to local publications


Cataloging and classification service received 142 copies of new editions between 4 and 8 May.

It was made of their technical and scientific processing, and performed a bibliographic description of 125 books (systematized in the following sections: policy - 96 units., Medicine - 2 units., Linguistics - 4 units., Literary - 6 units., Fiction - 11 units .) which were transferred to the storage service book fund and periodicals for further use by readers.

In order to enhance the effective use of library resources readers 153 received publications have been translated from the printed form to the full-text electronic form.

Cataloging and systematized service on LBC (Library Bibliographic Classification) gave bibliographic descriptions of 73 prints and preparing for publication in Uzbekistan.

At the present the AIBS system includes 548500 records in total. 
At present Division of National Bibliographic Databases Formation replenishes the AILS electronic database with materials of Uzbekistan studies. 

As of May 4 - 8, 2015  the electronic catalog was replenished with 78 bibliographic records of newspapers articles, 5 records of journals articles, in total 303 bibliographic records were edited. 

Regarding issuing of International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for local publications, the National Library issued 79 ISBN numbers (books for adults  76 books for children – 3). 23 contracts were composed.

And regarding issuing of International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for local publications the National Library issued 1 ISSN number. The Library made contracts for 2 ISSN numbers.
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