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80th General Conference and Assembly of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is continuing its work
On August 18 th in Lyon Convention Centre (Convention Centre) the International forum of librarians was continued. Congress continued its work, plenary sessions and section in 29 various fields related to information and library activities. 

A plenary meeting of the President of IFLA attracted great interest of participants. IFLA President opened the meeting and set the tone for all performances by presenting the Lyon Declaration prepared for the Congress.

5 reports were presented on the session. The first report focused on the issues of access to information related to the literacy and competence of the readers (users), new technologies and trends, as well as the role of libraries in improving information literacy. According to report the informational content increases 2 times per year. Access to information is an access to knowledge, to health, to leisure activities, the culture and heritage, and others. What do the libraries do in this direction? We must return to the culture of literacy and speech and to take into account the readers (users)’ needs to educate themselves.

The Libraries should be the Centers which not only provide personal computers usage but do help to inform. The Libraries should disseminate information. It is necessary to be prudent in online-education in order not to disrupt the orderly system of education. The library should participate in web education. 

The second report was presented by the International Organization of the Publishers. Publishers can help in accessing information. Informational environment is affecting intellectual property. It is a balance between creativity and commerce. We must look for ways to address and regulate the system. Copyright law should be carefully applied to this issue and publishers are aware of its importance. It is necessary to create conditions and revise the legal framework such as the Florence Agreement and the Agreement in Nairobi and others. 

The Third report was related to the prepared Lyon Declaration. Integration of technologies has its pros and contras. This is an open access in the context of:
 - Open Government 
 - Open content  
 - Open participation of the Parties 
 - The impact on participation

Which of them may affect public access? This and other questions were raised in this report.

The Fourth report prepared by the Finnish Centre of Sitra. This Center was established and financed by the Government. The Center conducts researches in the field of civil society. The Centre prepares analyses and announces contest grants for the society particularly for  libraries. Information about the center is posted on its website. 

The Fifth report focused on the participation of parliamentarians in the IFLA Parliamentary Library and covered election issues, voters and voter participation in the activities of Parliament and so forth.

Concluding the session of IFLA President thanked the speakers and proceeded to discussion of the issues and the audience. Congress is continuing its work.
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