National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi
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To 23rd Anniversary of Independence

On August 13, a discussion under topic “You are unique Independent Motherland” dedicated to 23rd year of our country’s Independence was held in a meeting hall of National Library of Uzbekistan named Alisher  Navoi. During the event documentary movie “On the eve of Independence” was performed. Main points of the movie focused an importance of art of direction and its deep content left an indelible impression on the participants. 

Furthermore, an exhibition of books and pictures “You are unique my sacred Motherland, my love and devotion dedicated to you, my beautiful Uzbekistan!” was held in “Таfakkur”(“Intellection”) hall. During the exposition a conversation among the library workers and the wide masses of readers was held the debate-poetry competition. They talked about the meaning and the essence of Independence as well as the past, presence and future of flourishing country and President I.A.Karimov’s words: “To be aware of duty to the Motherland” and “Indication of  high morality”.


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